Online Weight Loss Coaching Fitness Classes & Nutrition Plans For Obese Women

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SHRED, a new weight loss coaching system by Emma Lund, has been launched. It enables participants to develop the right mindset to remove obstacles and improve their mental and physical health, self-confidence, and mood.

Emma Lund, the owner of Empower Coaching, announced the release of a new powerful fitness and nutrition coaching program, called SHRED. It is designed for clients affected by obesity and features a 4-week progressive fitness plan, a life coaching audiobook, an e-book on managing stress, a healthy habit builder guide, and a workout calendar.

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SHRED reveals Emma Lund’s secret formula, backed by scientific research that has enabled numerous students to battle obstacles, manage their emotions better and take control of their life. The weight loss coaching program works at the nutritional level by introducing a healthy and balanced diet and at the same time works on losing weight through physical activity.

Emma Lund is a qualified and experienced trainer. She works with clients to define realistic goals for them and their health and fitness, which allows increased motivation and a greater sense of control over their physical fitness.

Exercise as an obesity treatment is most effective when combined with a diet and weight loss program. In addition to providing users with easy to complete workouts, the system features general suggestion for exercising obese clients on nutrition and building healthy habits.

The presented exercises will do a great job for the body. Users will be able to build up their stamina, improve their circulatory and muscular systems by following this self-paced training course divided into 30-minute video-led workouts. They get access to the SHRED workouts library of 100+ exercises.

The program is perfect for beginners – women and men new to fitness. The workouts increase in intensity and resistance to enable participants to achieve their desired fitness and weight loss goals.

Emma Lund is one of the most experienced fitness coaches for people dealing with obesity. She understands the perspective of a morbidly obese person and has a proven track record of weight loss.

Interested parties can purchase this life-changing program by Emma Lund by visiting the URL mentioned above. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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