Online Wedding Vendor Afarose Pioneers New Virtual Bridal Appointment Service

Leading wedding eCommerce vendor Afarose strives to make wedding planning online hassle-free. The company now offers virtual bridal styling appointments to help craft the perfect custom dress.

Afarose, the wedding vendor redefining online dress shopping, is launching a new service to make picking outfits for the Big Day even easier: virtual bridal consultation appointments. Brides can now schedule one-on-one video conferencing consultation with Afarose experts to discuss styles, sizing, fabrics, logistics, and more.

Founded in 2019 by Irene and Eric Yeh, Afarose seeks to elevate the online dress-shopping experience. For years, the Yeh parents worked in the wedding textiles industry, selling fabrics to designers and manufacturers. Irene and Eric, seeing a prime opportunity to get ahead of the digital shift, decided to help them use their connections and skills to create their dresses for an eCommerce store.

“We love doing comparison shopping. That’s the reason why more and more people are shopping online,” says Irene Yeh, Afarose co-founder and Marketing Director. “It is so much easier to browse all the styles at once, rather than driving miles to visit a store that you are unsure about what they are selling.”

The siblings understood that younger generations are more willing to do everything online, including shopping for wedding dresses. Without the overhead costs of running a physical shop, Afarose delivers quality designer-level gowns at a fraction of the price. As COVID-19 forced many wedding vendors—along with the rest of the world—to scramble and figure out how to navigate online spaces on the fly, Irene and Eric Yeh’s forethought positioned Afarose ahead of the curve, already adept at translating the bridal shopping experience into the virtual space.

Joining other features such as their try-at-home dress options and custom tailoring to 11 different measurements to ensure perfect fits, Afarose is adding virtual styling appointments to their roster of services.

“Every day we receive dozens of questions about our wedding gowns,” says Eric Yeh, co-founder and Operations Director of Afarose. “Offering a virtual styling session—where we can dive into every design element from how many buttons line the zipper to the exact width of a shoulder strap—was the obvious solution.”

Here’s how it works: the bride-to-be completes a questionnaire about her style and wedding plans, then selects her top three dress designs. During a scheduled Zoom call, an Afarose representative showcases those dresses, pointing out details and taking notes on what brides do and don’t love.

Since all dresses are made to order, brides can dictate exactly what should be added or removed. Rather than worrying about taking notes or saving links during the session, brides can focus on finding the dress. After the virtual appointment, stylists then follow up about the preferred looks and details to craft the perfect custom outfit.

Virtual styling appointments are perfect for the busy bride, or perhaps a more reserved bride who would rather not have a stranger sizing them up in their underwear or deal with pushy salespeople. Instead of spending a whole weekend browsing different stores, brides simply hop on a call and let a professional handle the complicated details.

“Privacy is everything nowadays,” says Eric. “We believe a virtual styling session is a much more private and exclusive experience when looking for The Dress. You might be surprised that this could be better than your in-store experience.”

“Wedding planning can be stressful sometimes,” adds Irene. “Our goal is to help you find the dress that makes you feel the best You.”

Shopping for wedding dresses online can be a daunting task. Afarose understands the need to get things perfect for the big day, so all their services are geared toward making sure brides find the dress of their dreams. Shop at Afarose for a fantastic, personalized shopping experience that meets all wedding dress needs, without any hassles.

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