Online Vehicle Locator Advances Wilmington NC Used Car Dealership Experience

Bruce Cavenaugh's Automart offers an online vehicle locator service expected to standardize and evolve the used car dealership experience for the better. Further information can be found at

Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart has modernized the used car dealership experience since it announced the launch of an online vehicle locator service. Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart’s online vehicle locator service is expected to provide customers a streamlined process to find a vehicle not readily accessible locally.

Previously, with even a passing glance, a person in the market to purchase a used vehicle would notice that many other dealerships offer online car finders.The owner at Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart, Bruce Cavenaugh, makes a point of saying “we wanted to create a unique method to assist customers in finding their dream vehicle by removing any pre-existing search limitations and we believe the addition of the online vehicle locator will do just that.”

Bruce Cavenaugh continues…”Where you’ll likely see our competitors offering a similar product, we wanted to offer a service that was convenient and user friendly for our client base. Where our competitors may offer the same option online, Bruce Cavenaugh’s Auto Mart will work endlessly to locate quality used vehicles that meet your specifications. We wanted to offer this service because it is important to us to always have our clients automotive needs in mind. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because the vehicle locator will not only save time, but ultimately it will be more cost effective, as we tailor each vehicle we locate specifically to the customers needs and desires.”

The vehicle locator service is now available to review and utilize online. To customize your search, visit

Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart was established in 2011. However Bruce Cavenaugh has been in the car business in the Wilmington, NC area for over 30 years. The Bruce Cavenaugh name and signature customer service has been associated with the automotive industry for years and it has always aimed to offer the best in customer service, pricing, and financing. No other used car dealer in Wilmington, NC beats Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart. The dealership will work with all credit issues to assure customers an exclusive price on any desired automobile. Bruce Cavenaugh’s Auto Mart has maintained a strong and committed sales staff with decades of experience satisfying customers’ needs. Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart is the preferred Wilmington NC used car dealer to find cars for sale, to sell old ones, or have a vehicles serviced, offering a one stop shop for all automotive needs.

Currently, the closest thing to the online vehicle locator is a basic car finder service offered by smaller dealerships. Bruce Cavenaugh’s online vehicle locator service is different than other services based on its ability to connect with other used car dealers in and around the Southeastern part of the United States. This alone was enough to make Bruce Cavenaugh’s online vehicle locator service more popular with customers in the market to purchase a used automobile.

Additional information about Bruce Cavenaugh’s Automart, can be discovered at

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