Online Tribe Launched By Mind Intuitive and Author To Boost Law of Attraction

Mind Consultant and Author Lori Bolen Decides To Expand Reach After Client Waiting-List Extends To Three Years. New Online Tribe and Programs Expected to Provide New Law of Attraction Results.

Rockford, Illinois

Mind consultant and author of Deciphering Your Emotions and Future Detox, Lori Bolen, has launched a new tribe online designed to help accelerate law of attraction results.

The former owner of a wellness facility, Bolen has refined her reach with a view to connecting with more people online. At one time, Bolen’s human improvement clients were in such demand for her personal consultation services that it led to a three-year waiting list.

The wellness facility proved inadequate to cope with the rising demand for personal sessions from clients. The challenge to design and create a format that would cater to clients at different developmental stages and meet their needs for growth adequately has taken several years. Bolen published several books as part of the effort to reach more people and designed courses that was a compilation of her thirty years of experience in human improvement.

The online programs and designed courses will also be managed by a team that assist with areas in technical support, brand messaging, corporate programs and tribe member coordination. The programs will comprise of three main pathways that Bolen says provide important pillars as tribe members grow into a higher place of being. Being an intuitive she can sense whether an individual can skip the earlier programs and join at the higher levels, or what she terms as higher vibrational levels.

It is anticipated that further team members will increase in number as the tribe grows. Bolen’s online tribe is experiencing rapid growth and in preparation for that, when clients purchase any of her programs, they are provided with online support where they can receive more guidance and engage together to ‘vibe as a tribe.’

This approach marks a new milestone for Bolen’s career. The author and consultant expects an increase in personal groups leveraging on collective success and more corporate events. The group comprises of a wide scope of professions from CEOs, politicans, entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life.

More information on Bolen’s intuitive approach and programs are available at iThoughMind.

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