Online Ticket Seller Offers Cheap Tickets to the Super Bowl 50

An industry insider says fans don't have to settle for outrageous Super Bowl 50 ticket prices.

According to CNN Money, this year marks a record for the highest prices ever for Super Bowl 50 tickets. The average tickets for a seat to the game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is $5,178. In fact, this is the first time in five years a Super Bowl 50 ticket has cost over $4,000. And while some people might consider that steep, someone paid more than $12,000 each for a pair of club seats located near midfield, which to date, are the most expensive seats so far.

But according to an industry insider, people who don’t have $5,000 to spend on a ticket shouldn’t give up. “Don’t listen to all the hype about having to shell out $5,000 for a Super Bowl 50 ticket,” says a spokesman from SportsTicketBank, a third party online ticket seller. “We’re offering tickets for less than that, and as of right now, we still have some available.”

Currently, the site lists 905 available tickets starting at $3,720. While the price is still steep, true fans who are determined to see the Panthers and Broncos duke it out on the field can save over a $1,000 by using the third party ticket seller. “But don’t put it off if you truly want to see the game.” says the spokesman. “Based on my experience, these tickets will go very, very quickly.”

Many of the tickets were originally bought by Patriot’s fans who were eager to see their team play in the historic game, and when they were defeated by the Broncos in last Sunday’s game, some of the tickets went up on third party sites like SportsTicketBank. “It’s a great way to see the game without having to shell out as much cash,” says the spokesman.

Fans of both teams have high hopes that their team will come out on top, but only those who see the event live will have true bragging rights if their teams scores the winning points. “There are just some games that you’ll never forget,” says the spokesman. “And chances are, this will be one of them.”

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