Online Spousal Betrayal Trauma Healing Membership Womens Community Launched

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A new online community for women impacted by spousal betrayal has been launched, called Live Free Wives. It’s designed to provide peace of mind, growth and connections to help members overcome trauma and achieve their goals.

A new community for women who have been impacted by betrayal and infidelity has been launched. Called Live Free Wives, it strives to offer women a safe space to share their common histories, facilitate healing and discover freedom.

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The newly launched project is designed to combat the loneliness that many women feel when they have encountered this type of behavior in their relationship. Live Free Wives strives to give women the support they need to live the life they have always wanted to enjoy.

Research shows that people need healthy relationships for optimal mental and emotional health. It’s for this reason that they strive to offer an authentic, like-minded community to help more women grow, heal, and achieve their goals.

One of the limiting factors holding many women back when they experience sexual betrayal is the feeling that it’s their fault. The team explains that a sexually addicted spouse is medicating past pain, and for marriages to find lasting freedom, both spouses must uncover and reconcile the deep emotional scars at the root of this betrayal.

Members joining the community get a range of benefits to help them deal with the issues they’re facing in their relationship. Once they sign up, they have their own custom profile where they can engage with the community. This features a custom bio, and a summary of their activities all in one place.

Additional features include direct messaging for connecting with other women, and live free chat for reaching out in times of distress or need. Here is a location to ask questions in real time and get support from those who want to encourage joy.

A variety of groups are available, along with questions and polls, member search, and personalized feeds. Additionally, women get access to weekly audio and video content across a range of topics.

A spokesperson for the community states: “We exist to provide a community for those who’ve been impacted by porn and sexual betrayal so they can find the support needed to live the life they were created to enjoy.

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