Online Software Testing IT Over 50s Non-Native English Course Launched

A new online IT software testing course has been launched by TestPro. It aims to make it easier for anyone to switch careers and learn the skills they need to succeed with major companies.

A new online course has been launched for anyone wanting to learn in-demand IT skills for software testing positions. TestPro provides students with all the training they need to secure a software testing role once they graduate.

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The newly launched course is designed to make it easier for those interested in IT to transition into a new field. Data shows that 79% of students who take the course found a job while still studying.

One of the primary benefits of the new course is that it’s 100% learning through practice. This makes it well suited to any participants, regardless of their experience levels.

The ongoing pandemic has made many people lose their jobs or want to change careers. Those seeking a home-based position often look for lucrative jobs that allow them to work from home at their own pace.

Software testing is a job that can be carried out at home, and one that has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. Many testers are able to make six-figure salaries while working a role they enjoy.

No formal education is required to get started, and no coding or experience in tech is necessary. The course is popular among immigrants and those with intermediate English language skills.

TestPro explain that it’s never too late to consider a career change, and they see many people honing their craft even after 50. Graduates are able to secure jobs at major companies like Google and Apple.

Software testing is always in demand, because it helps companies to save money and maintains a good user experience. It also helps to boost customer satisfaction.

TestPro says that each month, around 3,500 job listings appear for testers. This is a vibrant market with plenty of opportunities for interested parties looking to make it a career.

A spokesperson for the company states: “One of the most important steps in software development is testing. Every day, new software products enter the market that are often developed under tight deadlines. Because the product is expected to work efficiently and without bugs, the demand for testers is very high.”

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