Online Self Defence Surveillance Survival ParaTinder Bracelet Products Announced

Online retailer Protection Bay announced they now offer a wide range of personal and home protection items. The cost effective and reliable products include personal alarms, paracord bracelets, home alarms and diversion safes.

Protection Bay has announced that they are pleased to offer reliable and cost effective items for survival, personal protection, home protection and surveillance.

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Protection Bay is an online retailer who specializes in providing advice and products for self defense, personal protection and home protection. The company fonders explains that they have long been a physical fitness enthusiasts and never thought they would need self protection products. However a personal experience five years ago found themselves wishing they had access to the type of products now stocked at Protection Bay.

The store stocks a vast range of unique items that can be used for personal protection and/or personal safety whether in the outdoors or for home protection and surveillance. It is explained that all of the products offered by Protection bay are reliable, cost effective and very useful.

Personal protection is vital for people to protect themselves and their families. Products available include personal alarms, pepper spray, child trackers, bicycle lights, pet lights and much more. The child trackers are items that can be worn by a child and if they get separated from their parent or caregiver they can easily be tracked via a signal transmitted by the device worn by the child. The adult’s receiver device will also begin to beep to alert them to the child wandering off.

The site also stocks innovative survival gear for people who enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. These tools prove invaluable in the wilderness where situations such as weather, wildlife and accidents can be unpredictable. Items stocked include campfire kits, folding saws, survival knifes, multi tools and paracord bracelets. The ParaTinder Bracelet combines fire tinder and seven feet of paracord.

Protection Bay provide a range of home protection items to their customers. These items help people prepare for unfortunate incidences, such as burglaries or natural disasters. Many items are designed to prevent intruders and include alarms, motion sensors and surveillance systems. They also stock a wide range of diversion safes that look like everyday items such as cans of soft drink, books or plant pots.

Items are available in the warehouse and ready to ship today.

Protection Bay is an online prepping, survival and security store which has recently announced an updated collection. Those wishing to find out more about Protection Bay and the items they stock can visit the website here:

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