Online Reputation Management Company Launches New Service for Small Businesses

Garry Owen Online announced the availability of their new low cost online reputation management system beginning December 15 2015. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest low cost online reputation management system will soon be able to get involved with Garry Owen Online. Today Garry Cardinal, owner at Garry Owen Online releases details of this new service that he believes will be a game changer in his business

This new low cost online reputation management system is designed to appeal specifically to small businesses and includes:

Automatic gathering of customer feed back with minimal input from the client – This feature was included because the typical business owner fails to take into account the value of online reviews therefor doesn’t have a system for requesting reviews for their service. This is great news for the small business owner since it involves very little time to no time at all to manage so the business owner can concentrate on running his/her business.

In addition the software automatically post positive reviews to review and social media sites of the client’s choice and routes poor reviews back to the company giving the client a second chance at saving a customer. – This was made part of the service, since bad online reviews are damaging to a company’s reputation thereby hurting their bottom line. Customers who invest in the service will enjoy this feature because studies show that companies that respond to negative feed back positively tend to retain a higher percentage of a once dissatisfied customer and turning him/her into a much more loyal one.

Low Cost – High Value – Garry Owen Online made sure to make this part of his new online reputation management system. Garry Owen Online understands that small businesses are very budget conscious and can’t afford to spend money on advertising without seeing a positive return. Customers will appreciate this new system that not only monitors their online reputation in real time but also does all the follow up with the their customers asking for those reviews. Garry Owen Online says pricing this new service at less than $100.00 per month allows any small business to afford a system that is guaranteed to build trust through positive reviews of their company online. The added value of this reputation system is the fact that the client can leverage the branding and investment of review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Adviser, etc., by having customers post their positive reviews of the business directly to these sites. This gives added social proof and authority to those reviews increasing the value of the company’s positive reviews.

Garry Cardinal, when asked about the low cost online reputation management system said:

“I have been doing online marketing since 2007 and this software has opened up my services to small businesses that previously couldn’t afford my services”

This is the latest offering from Garry Owen Online and Garry Cardinal is particularly excited about this launch because this new software program allows the small business owner the ability to be on equal footing with the big national companies when it comes to online marketing.

Those interested in learning more about Garry Owen Online and their Low cost online reputation management system can do so on the website at

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