Online Reputation Management – Brand Promotion/Awareness Report Launched

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Brian Morten, expert business strategist and founder of Vivo Mentor, has launched a comprehensive report entitled “What Is an Online Reputation Manager?” about the benefits of online reputation management (ORM) to help firms grow and brand themselves successfully.

This new report describes the field of reputation management and delineates why firms need reputation managers to compete in today’s marketplace. Vivo Mentor has extensive experience in guiding companies to improve the visibility of their brand online by creating a positive vision of the firm.

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The latest report states that Online Reputation Managers address the online perception of a company by analyzing the firm’s website, its reviews, and its social media presence. The mentor then works to create a healthy online presence. One of the most important activities is to contact current customers via social media and blog post comments to establish a friendly relationship that can lead to future business.

In addition, a reputation manager also handles any negativity about the company, including unpleasant rumors, negative reviews, and bad media stories. When the mentor comes across anything derogatory about the company, his job is to respond to the problems and repair the image of the firm.

The manager also devises effective marketing strategies to attract fresh business from the target audience and make the brand more popular. They know that 86% of potential clients go online to check out a firm’s website and social media before entering a relationship. They then recommend marketing strategies consistent with the company’s purpose and values.

According to the report, reviews need to be current when potential customers do their research, so the reputation manager will contact current clients and get new reviews to maintain fresh content that will serve as testimonials for the company.

Not only do reviews need to be positive and recent, they also need to be plentiful. Too few reviews suggest inexperience. Many positive reviews show staying power and experience.

No business is a static entity, so the mentor still has work to do once the firm’s reputation has become healthy. Companies often need to make changes, and customers need to understand and accept those modifications.

As stated in the report, the reputation manager identifies client expectations and ensures that the company does not break trust with them. In fact, current clients are always taken into consideration regarding any change the firm needs to make.

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