Online Reputation Management And Business Review – Software Updates Launched

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The popular reputation management application RepWarn has been updated, allowing business owners to monitor and respond to online reviews on any device.

Specialist developer of software and automation solutions for online businesses Lanes Media has launched an updated version of the popular reputation management application, RepWarn.

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The recently enhanced software allows business owners to track what people are saying online across a wide range of platforms, giving them the opportunity to respond in a timely manner.

Managing online reputation is extremely important for modern businesses. According to BrightLocal, more than 50% of consumers say they would not use a business that has lower than 4-star reviews.

The updated RepWarn is designed to trawl the internet for any mention of specific keywords, which may be a business name or a competitor’s business. Users can also designate specific websites they want the application to monitor, for more refined tracking.

Searches are conducted every five minutes, with a notification being sent to the owner if/when the business or specified keywords are mentioned.

Notifications sent by the enhanced RepWarn will provide a link to the conversation in question, allowing users to provide a quick response to any feedback.

RepWarn now works on a variety of platforms including computers, tablets and smartphones. The mobility of the application means that business owners can continue to manage their online reputation when on the move.

The application uses an improved interface that can be mastered in a short amount of time. This allows business owners to begin monitoring their online footprint as quickly as possible.

In addition to RepWarn, Lanes Media offers a range of other automation and business management solutions including social media content creation, website sales support, and leads generation tools.

A RepWarn user stated: “I must admit, what appears to be a simple one-page interface (define alerts, view alerts) has a lot of substance, because it doesn’t just mimic google alerts. Instead, it actively searches social media and the rest of the web (and you select what) and then brings that content to you as an alert or on a mobile app.”

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