Online Reputation Fixer & Brand Or Personal Monitoring Benefits Website Launched

Internet Business Solutions has announced a new website providing information on the importance, benefits and new business or lead generation impact of professional and premier online reputation management and monitoring for professionals or businesses.

The prominent online reputation management software provider Internet Business Solutions launched a new website with information on the benefits, importance and impact of a premier reputation management/monitoring service.

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Internet Business Solutions provides individuals and businesses with industry-leading online reputation management solutions, services and software designed to help monitor, control and shape a good personal or business reputation online.

The company has launched a new website detailing the importance for professionals and businesses of being aware and in control of what is being said about them or their company, brand, service, products, staff or competitors online.

The newly launched website also provides extensive information on how an online reputation management service or software can help retain existing clients by instantly turning negative reviews or feedback into a positive experience with direct replies ‘at the point of contact’ and impact new business or lead generation.

Internet Business Solutions reveals that around 88% of people trust online comments and on average 72% take action after reading a positive review, but if they are reading negative feedback, about 80% won’t use those products or services.

The firm also explains that “every time something is said about you or your business online whether you are a plumber, a school, a restaurant owner, a hotel, someone in the public eye, or a multi-national business like an airline company, you must answer and deal with any complaints or bad reviews straight away to avoid losing more business and customers”.

More on the benefits and importance of a properly managed and monitored online reputation along with information on the Internet Business Solutions’ premier online reputation management software, with 24/7 web and social media keyword-based monitoring & email, IOS or Android alerts, are available on the website link provided above.

The firm adds that “by using a professional software, you will definitely know that your current clients aren’t leaving you because of bad online reviews, and you will be reassured that potential new ones aren’t avoiding you either. If you get the software, you’ll be able to do your own online monitoring and put out any fires before they happen, knowing that your back is covered”.

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