Online Preschool Classes Video Education Affordable Learning Program Launched

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California-based education company Growing Brilliant has launched remote online preschool classes for children up to six years of age. The live video learning programs feature hands-on activities.

Growing Brilliant, an education company based in California, has launched online preschool classes taught by qualified teachers for children ages zero to six. The remote learning program includes delivery of supplies for hands-on participation in the live video lessons.

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By launching the online classes, Growing Brilliant aims to provide parents with a way to keep their children engaged in age-appropriate learning at home during the current pandemic.

Many parents are working from home for the first time during the pandemic, but even parents who are accustomed to remote work are facing new challenges to their productivity and home life. Public schools remain closed in many areas, and local preschool and childcare options for younger children are limited.

Remote learning solutions can help parents navigate this new normal. Offering live video classes for children from infancy through age six, Growing Brilliant fulfills children’s developmental needs and continues the education they began before the pandemic, preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.

The interactive online classes feature fun monthly themes to keep children engaged in over sixty subjects, including math, language, literacy, science, art, social studies, and music. Parents can choose from several weekly schedule options at the time of their child’s enrollment. Tuition includes monthly or bi-monthly delivery of supplies for students to participate in hands-on activities during their lessons.

Designed to replicate the traditional preschool curriculum developed at Growing Brilliant’s award-winning California schools, the live video lessons are taught by experienced teachers. The company has built a reputation for basing their educational programs on age-appropriate developmental standards and focusing on children’s social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and cognitive growth.

A satisfied customer said: “Our boys love attending the online classes honestly more than I thought they would (they used to attend an awesome in person preschool). They do so many fun projects and activities with my boys, and it keeps them engaged and really having fun. They are learning too! I am pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the program. I definitely would recommend.”

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