Online Platform Introduces NQS Technology to Modern Traders

Orion Code System introduced the revolutionary concept of Near Orion Speed (NQS) technology. Its founder Edward Robinson is glad that he has managed to provide ordinary people with the possibility to achieve favorable results on the financial markets. He plans on making further updates.

Orion Code is an online investment software which was founded by prominent high-frequency trader Edward Robinson. It is unique not only because it applies the Near Quantum Speed technology but also due to the fact that most of the people who have completed its free registration are completely satisfied with the generated results. One of the main reasons why so many users consider it a legit and authentic tool, by which to acquire sufficient daily earnings, is its winning ratio of 96%. The design team is currently planning the next update.

Edward Robinson had always had a dream of being in complete control over his own life. While he was enjoying a high salary and semi-luxurious lifestyle, he still did not feel satisfied enough with the way his days went by. Being financially prosperous is not the only thing which he considers important. It turned out that he was missing out on significant events in the daily routine of those closest to him.

Not having enough time to spend quality leisure time with his wife and children troubled him deeply. Mr. Robinson decided to leave the high-frequency trading company he worked for and establish one of his own. He took his analyst team along with him. They wished to create an online investment robot which would the ability to empower the so-called ‘average Joe’.

The sophisticated piece of trading technology that is the OrionCode System was not easy to achieve. The present-day software is the 8th upgrade in a row. Its complete design and testing period lasted about five years. This is how long it took the founding team to clear out every possible bug.

Since its initial release in the Internet space about a year ago the trading robot has managed to keep its users completely content. According to genuine user testimonials, even complete newbies can accumulate profits of up to $1,500 - $2,000 per day. More advanced investors who have years of experience behind them and know exactly how to implement different strategies and indicators have earned close to $10,000 in just a couple of hours.

Edward Robinson is of the opinion that all of this is due to the Near Orion Speed (NQS) technology which was specifically implemented into the programming algorithm of the investment software. It can calculate ongoing data about the latest market trends based on the news.

A more peculiar fact about the said computer codes is that they process information in just milliseconds which enables Orion Code Software to place trades quicker on auto-pilot and send suggestions about asset price movements faster to users who trade on manual mode.

This enables them to act prompter than people who rely on other kinds of online investment robots and achieve higher payouts. Most users state that this particular Orion Code System special feature is the main reason why they got started with the software.

Mr. Robinson further clarifies that he is planning more recent updates for the Orion Code Software that will further enhance its operational process. He says that he is content with the results that the system generates and that they will become even better. He is also most satisfied with the fact that he has helped ordinary people achieve success in the digital financial markets.

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