Online Pet Supplies Bravecto Medium Dog Chews Flea & Tick Treatment Released

Online pet supplies company PetVetsOnline announced the launch of special Bravecto flea & tick treatments for medium dogs. The offer covers Bravecto Orange 250mg chews and topical treatments for dogs weighing 10 to 22 lbs and 22 to 44 lbs.

PetVetsOnline, an online pet supplies company and canine health blog announced the release of Bravecto flea & tick treatment products for medium dogs. These flea prevention treatments are available in chewable form and as a topical solution.

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The newly released Bravecto is an FDA-approved flea and tick treatment for small, medium, and large dogs. The product contains the approved oral insecticide Fluralaner. Bravecto provides effective protection against fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks. Fleas begin to die 2 hours from the time of treatment while ticks die and drop off after 12 hours.

PetVetsOnline offers Bravecto for medium-sized dog breeds. Flea & tick treatments for medium dogs are formulated to deliver safe and effective concentrations of active ingredients. Bravecto chews may be administered every 12 weeks and all year round in concentrations of 11.4 mg/lb of the dog’s weight.

Bravecto is effective against several common and uncommon species including the Cat Flea, Back-legged Tick, American Dog Ticks, Brown Dog Tick, and Lone Star Tick. This treatment is effective against fleas that have developed resistance to Fipronil, another broad-spectrum insecticide.

The oral and topical flea & tick medicine is approved for pregnant and lactating dogs, puppies aged 8 weeks or more, and dogs that weigh more than 4.4 lbs. The PetVetsOnline promotion focuses on Bravecto Orange 250mg, for dogs 10 to 22 lbs and 22 to 44 lbs in weight.

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According to a spokesperson for the online pet health resource center, “We are delighted to introduce special bundles on Bravecto, the best flea treatment for Jack Russell terriers and other medium dogs.”

A satisfied customer states, “I got this product a year ago and I’m back this year only because it’s so easy and simple. It acts fast and works well. This is the quality I look for and also what I expect from a flea product.”

PetVetsOnline is a one-stop resource portal for information and pet health tips, products, and other resources. Based in Wilmington, DE, the company offers deals and discounts on affordable flea and tick treatment products backed by email support.

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