Online Personal Trainer Reveals Secrets Behind Workout Warm-Ups

Rhys Livingstone is an online personal trainer with . He contributes to the site at .

Online Personal Trainer Rhys Livingstone announced today he has written a blog post about the benfits of warming up before a gym workout. The post appears on the new web site, and there is a discussion of the issue of Pre-workout routines at

In the post, Livingstone explains that a pre-workout mobility routine can greatly improve the results achieved in the workout. It will also help prevent injury and reduce pressure on joints. Livingstone is one of the team of four personal trainers with STCFit. A former swimmer, he was no stranger to a tough training schedule growing up. He says “As time went by, I decided swimming wasn’t for me anymore and I began training to better my physique. It was here that my love for body building developed.” Livingstone had been born with patella alta, a condition in which his patellas (kneecaps) are in the wrong position. While this wasn’t a problem with swimming, it did cause a lot of dislocations and he had been told that weight training his legs would be inadvisable. As a result, he had become rather “top heavy”, so after seeking advice from top personal trainers, including STCFit’s Jason Galea, he gently began weight training his legs, with great results. Livingstone has now achieved one of his goals, competing in and placing first in a physique competition in late 2014. And he very recently was selected as a sponsored athlete for gym clothing company Paragon Fitness. He enjoys helping others reach their goals now, through both online personal training with STCFit and in person at Point Cook in Melbourne, Australia. He said “Whilst achieving my own goals felt great, nothing is more rewarding than being the catalyst for someone else to strive for improvement. I take pride in my clients results and these results are a direct correlation of all of their hard work, being there to witness it is great!”.

STCFit announced their new blog site last week, and visitors have been kept informed with posts on a wide range of fitness topics.

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