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One Hungry Bunny, a nutritional counseling service and healthy lifestyle resource based in Boulder, CO, has announced updates to its services guiding clients towards practical, affordable, and achievable health goals.

Founded by dietitian and nutritionist Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan (also known as Bunny), the company’s expanded services are available to book through Nutrimedy, for a no-obligation consultation.

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One Hungry Bunny’s announcement comes in addition to the wide range of resources and recipes, on the company website, developed with a goal of encouraging readers toward a healthier lifestyle.

Previously a registered dietitian in Boston, Bunny thinks of food as more than just meals, but as a vital part of life that fuels everything people do. After practicing for half a decade as an Inpatient Dietitian, she accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge that was brought with her to her current sunny Colorado setting. With One Hungry Bunny, it’s Bunny’s hope to promote health and nutrition based on leading research – and backed with plenty of evidence – to those who are looking to improve their diets and lifestyles, providing dietary support, counseling, and a range of delicious recipes along the way.

Patients can rely on One Hungry Bunny for guidance on all of their nutritional needs, beginning with an in-depth phone or video consultation that will help Bunny to get a clear picture of how to progress and each patient’s requirements. With experience in general medical units, the ICU, and Psych, Bunny truly enjoys offering diet education and nutrition services to patients with a wide variety of needs and goals, from gluten intolerances to diabetes.

Though Bunny admits she is not a culinary expert, her knowledge of food, nutrition, and healthier lifestyles is a crucial part of the recipes she creates and shares with patients and visitors to her websites. Whilst catering to the needs of her vegetarian, runner husband, she develops recipes that are designed to fit into better lifestyles and that can be easily adapted to suit most tastes and preferences, including vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and meat-eater.

“I am a Registered Dietitian that is ready to show you my adventures (and misadventures) in the kitchen as I try to create some delicious and nutritious bites,” says Bunny. “I believe in food being a vital aspect in our lives as long as we strive to make the best choices.”

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