Online Monthly Award Show Competition includes Magic, Modeling, Cutest Baby

Artists, entertainers and singers can now showcase their talent in the 2B Rising Stars Award. It allows people to upload their videos, which can then receive votes and win monthly prizes, with winners getting industry exposure.

A new online monthly award show seeking artists and superstars of the future has launched, called the 2B Rising Stars Award. Aspiring artists and entertainers across a range of different genres and niches can upload videos of themselves to the site, which are then voted on by visitors. The artist with the most votes in the 21 plus categories can win large awards every month.

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The mission statement of the company is to enhance, improve, enrich and empower other people’s lives to help them achieve their dreams and attain more of their hopes and wishes. The monthly 2B award show aims to be the best ever awards show in history.

One of the benefits aspiring artists can enjoy is that 2B pays out up to 50% of its gross earning each and every month. When visitors land on the page, they can either upload videos to the talent competition or vote on their favorites, helping to boost the exposure of all the artists involved.

Once the winner has been chosen each month, they win a lump sum of money up to $10,000, with the opportunity for the 2B Awards to introduce them to their base of over five thousand business strategic alliances to help them facilitate their career.

On the 2B Awards site, it explains that the award was created because the company knows that there is a huge amount of talent out there and it is increasingly hard for them to get discovered. Often there is simply no venue for talent to be displayed,.

From the comfort of the artist’s own home, they can upload their video to their chosen category, and every month voting will determine a winner. It represents a modern alternative to lining up for hours at talent shows, which are often too difficult to appear on anyway.

One of the things that distinguishes the award from its competition is that once someone has won, 2B pits them in touch in front of the professionals who can take them to the next level.

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