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An online learning platform designed to bring people together with interactive classes has been launched. The team explain Your Teachable Moment enriches lives and builds communities online.

A new learning platform has been launched and is designed to provide online interactive courses for adults of all ages around the world. The aim of Your Teachable Moment is to provide a supportive space for learners to enjoy interactive courses on topics such as art, books and movies, education, faith, personal development, and more.

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The newly launched platform aims to create and build communities online through its live interactive courses. The team behind the platform understand many people join an online course or class for educational purposes such as for work or to expand their working knowledge of a subject. However, they also know many people are interested in gaining a new skill or hobby.

As well as enriching the lives of participants, the team at Your Teachable Moment explain the platform is ideal for people who live alone, are facing restrictions, isolation, or challenges that are preventing them from making friends within the community. This is due to the live and interactive aspects of the course, which are designed to bring people together.

Personal development courses include Creating a Life of Gratitude, Work from Home Q&A for Beginners, Gift Wrap like a Pro this Holiday Season, and Conquer the Clutter. Prices for the courses vary as they are set by the teachers, which gives them the freedom to work when they want, with class sizes that work for them, and at a price they are comfortable with.

Language classes are also offered on the platform and can give students the opportunity to learn and make new friends. For instance, Beginner Spanish Conversation and the 6-week French Conversation for Beginners Course are both designed to bring people together in a friendly interactive learning environment.

A spokesperson said: “What sets Your Teachable Moment apart from other platforms are our live interactive courses. Many outlets offer courses, but none (literally none) are live and interactive, and thus offer the chance to build a community. We seek to enrich lives through education, interaction, and community building.”

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