Online Flooring Buying & Installation Guide Launches New USA Services Website

The Flooring Lady, an information website gathering news and data on the flooring industry, has launched an updated USA services site making it easier to engage with users around the USA. It features a range of new social media channels and a comments section.

The Flooring Lady, an online guide to flooring in the USA with over 10 years’ experience, has updated their website with USA services covering every aspect of the flooring industry. The new site incorporates a range of social media tools to reach out to its audience in a proactive way, and a comment section for readers to leave feedback and queries.

More information can be found on The Flooring Lady Website at:

With new materials, technologies and patterns being introduced daily, the world of flooring can be a complicated place. Choosing the right option for a property is not always easy, because there are so many options to consider. The Flooring Lady is aiming to shed light on the process by providing information on every stage, from research through to installation.

Since 2005, The Flooring Lady has been gathering information on companies providing floor services across the USA, allowing anyone interested in working on the floor in their home or office space to find the right service. Now the site has expanded to include flooring for gyms and restaurants as well, with detailed information on design and formatting, along with contact details for professionals who can provide the service.

The Flooring Lady is not affiliated with any service or site, and its information is purely there to help readers find what they need and help them come to a well educated decision. The site features an informative blog that covers subjects ranging from the benefits of refining hardwood floors to green carpet padding, and different materials people can use for their flooring. The news section of the site is regularly updated as well, and breaks down key subjects in more detail, including how to ensure laminate flooring is safe, and bringing together videos and articles from major news sites like CBS News.

For anyone wanting to go ahead with floor redesign, installation or maintenance, there is a powerful search tool on site that allows users to search by location, finding specialists in their area who can help them achieve the floor they’re looking for in their property.

Anyone wanting to contact The Flooring Lady can reach them at:

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