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A new marketplace for sharing skills, knowledge and advice has been launched, called Fibler. It connects users with experts like lawyers, doctors, and other professionals, who can give answers across messages, phone calls and video calls.

A new marketplace for experts outsourcing knowledge, skills, advice and guidance has been launched, called Fibler. It provides a platform where individuals can connect with experts in any field in order to gain insight and pay them by the minute.

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The site explains that Fibler is an affordable way to access top talents in their fields while only paying for the time spent on the phone. This represents a groundbreaking split from the norm, where discussing cases with lawyers, for example, can be very expensive.

Using Fibler, anyone can get access to leading professionals with ease. They can connect and engage with highly talented people for a fraction of the price, opening great opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in any niche.

There are three different ways for users to get in touch with professionals depending on their needs. Fibler provides access to video calls, voice calls, and message chats, and experts can set their own minute rates based on the services they provide.

Fibler is easy to use for anyone wanting to connect with an expert in their field. They simply have to sign up, search for skills and reach out to an expert in the area they’re working in.

The expert can then provide answers through a phone call, video call, or messages. This is a highly flexible platform, which allows experts to decide how much they want to earn and presents them with an easy way to answer questions.

Users can apply filters to search by industry type, profession, location, spoken languages, pricing and more. From there, they can browse available profiles and get answers to their queries in just one click.

Some of the experts on the Fibler platform include doctors, lawyers, coaches, tutors, techies, trip advisors, entertainers, and other experts in different fields.

Anyone can download the app on the App Store and Google Play store and begin looking for experts immediately.

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