Online Entrepreneur Courses – Fundamental Business Skills Expert Report Launched

Fundamental skills for business success are outlined in a new report from the online coach for digital entrepreneurs, Michael Hehn.

Success coach for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads Michael Hehn has launched a new report entitled: ‘The Top Ten Success Skills Anyone Should Have’.

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With technology having enabled more people to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, Michael Hehn’s recently released report takes a back-to-basics approach on some attributes for success that many might have overlooked.

The pandemic saw an unprecedented rise in e-commerce, accelerating the already vibrant trend towards digital entrepreneurship. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not the digital natives aged between 18 and 35 who are most likely to succeed. Statistics reported by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University revealed that the average age for successful tech entrepreneurs is 45.

In his report, Michael Hehn discusses a range of factors that can contribute to success, some of which are outlined below.

One of the first elements explained is goal-setting. As the author points out, goals provide a roadmap and can also be used to assess how successful a venture is.

These do not need to be set in stone and can be changed as circumstances dictate. However, without goals, Michael suggests that it is very difficult to know where effort should be directed.

A second suggestion is to develop the ability to make decisions. While they might not always be correct, Michael states that practice will help people feel more comfortable with this sometimes difficult task. Over time, the ability to choose the best course of action will improve.

The remainder of the report, in addition to the library of previous pieces, is available via Michael Hehn’s website. Readers will also find a variety of other complimentary materials including courses and webinars. A range of audio and video courses, e-books, and checklists are available for purchase that are designed to develop skills in the online space.

A company representative stated: “When it comes to success, there are a few basics skills you should not only have, but work on improving and mastering over time. They will greatly increase your chances of reaching your goals and making great things happen.”

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