Online Education Company Quantum Curvet, LLC registered in WY

A new online education company Quantum Curvet, LLC has been registered in the state of Wyoming this week. Quantum Curvet will offer mentorship programs, workshops and online courses on the topics of business strategy, personal growth and wellness.

New online education company Quantum Curvet, LLC was registered this week in the state of Wyoming.

The company plans to announce mentorship programs, workshops and online courses in the near future on the topics of business strategy, personal growth and wellness.

“The pandemic and consequential economic events have placed significant pressure on the finances of households and middle-income earners, especially those in the worst-affected industries like hospitality and tourism,” explained Michele Rumi, founder.

“With many people losing their jobs and being forced to consider alternatives, Quantum Curvet was created to help people turn their lives around with the skills and knowledge needed to build a thriving online business.”

Explaining the name of the company, Michele Rumi stated, “Many people have heard of quantum leaps, which can be a huge and sudden improvement in something. That’s exactly what a curvet is: a graceful or energetic leap. A quantum leap. A massive, positive shift in life or business.”

Quantum Curvet, LLC is expected to announce the launch of its pilot program next week, reported to be a six-month mentorship program to help high-school graduates start their first business and begin earning money online.

“College isn’t an option for everyone, and it’s not always easy to secure that first job. Quantum Curvet’s pilot program will tackle exactly that issue — and help high-school graduates to secure their financial future at a young age,” Michele Rumi said.

Quantum Curvet’s business incubator programs aim to close the knowledge gap that aspiring entrepreneurs face when building their first business. For those who are a step further along, its business accelerator programs will nurture small businesses into sustainable growth and establishing a firm foothold in their industry.

Mentorship programs will be available worldwide and conducted fully online for ease of access, making them accessible to people in any location that has internet access.

More information can be found on Quantum Curvet’s website,

Release ID: 89054206