Online Early Reading Phonics Success For Children Expert Program Launched

Children Learning Reading program has recently been launched. The program employs phonetic systems to teach children of all ages how to become fluid readers quickly.

Children Learning Reading has recently launched its reading program for children. The program seeks to help parents provide the resources needed for their children to achieve early reading success.

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The newly launched program is designed to help children of all ages become proficient in reading. The program is based on scientifically proven methods that can teach children as young as two years old to identify basic words and have them reading elementary level books by the age of four. Additionally, the program can also facilitate adult learning.

The program director iterates that children learn how to read by using whole language-based learning and sight words. Sight words are the most commonly used words in everyday language. They are given to children so that they can memorize the shapes of these words as a whole and identify them when seen.

The problem with sight words is that it can confuse a child if too many are introduced in a short time. If a child doesn’t memorize a word, then they can’t read it and that can cause children to be shy or skip over words when reading.

Children Learning Reading utilizes a phonetic system that is comprised of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development that teaches children how to break words apart to identify what they are.

This is done by familiarising them with the 44 sounds in the English language and showing them how to put these sounds together to identify words.

Children can then employ this method to help them pronounce words correctly and by extension, become fluid readers.

One satisfied parent had this to say, “Zavier loved doing your program and I found it very easy to teach. His reading has improved so so much! After just 2 weeks his teacher noticed a difference and was asking me what we were doing at home! Before he started your program he was at level 10 and has now progressed to level 17!”

Children Learning Reading is very confident in their program. As such, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if a client is not satisfied with the program in any way.

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