Online Dog Enthusiasts Site For Uplifting Canine Reports And Videos Launched

Fun Pooch is a recently launched website that publishes stories and videos about dogs. The site features heartwarming stories and videos of varying genres about dogs from all over the world.

Fun Pooch, a new website featuring stories and videos about dogs from around the world, has been launched. The site is geared towards reminding dog lovers of the influence of dogs through the touching and entertaining stories featured there.

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The newly launched website publishes stories and videos of different genres, based on different breeds of dogs worldwide. These stories and videos feature themes such as hope, love, rescue, adoption, among others. Many of them possess the ability to tug at the heartstrings of viewers throughout the world.

The site highlights many stories and videos that inspire dog enthusiasts to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged dogs. One such story is that of a dog who was adopted after many years of being in a shelter in Britain.

The story, titled ‘Britain’s Loneliest Dog Finds Home At Last’, chronicles the tale of one dog, Freya, who was rejected for adoption 18,720 times. Her story became so popular online that it gained the attention of a Hollywood film director who gave Freya a role in the movie Transformers 5. Through the popularity of her story, she also was adopted into a good family and gained two siblings as well.

In addition to publishing tear-jerkers, Fun Pooch also publishes stories and videos that will make viewers laugh. The story titled ‘Dog Disrupts Video Game To Get Her Dad’s Attention’ is one such hilarious tale. It documents the comical antics of Chelsea who tries her best to get her owner to stop playing video games and focus his attention on her. The dog even tried several times to reach for the game control but fails. She finally kicks her owner’s neck, capturing his attention. In the success of her mission, she is rewarded with a belly rub from her owner who finally stopped playing his game.

The new site aims to share funny and heartwarming stories and videos about dogs and their impacts on the lives of humans. The many inspirational stories are authored by Chrissy Clarke who loves to provide readers with the “best stories from around the world, especially when they have a beautiful and happy ending.”

Interested parties can click on the link above to read stories and watch videos on the site.

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