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An online coffee dictionary has been launched by coffee barista Dorian Bodnariuc. This extensive resource provides definitions of hundreds of coffee and their related terms.

Dorian Bodnariuc, former barista, editor in chief at Coffee Brewing Methods, has launched an online coffee dictionary. The dictionary is designed to assist all coffee lovers with words and expressions about coffee and their associated terms.

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This online coffee dictionary was birthed by Dorian Bodnariuc’s great love for all things coffee. In an exclusive interview, he declared that he consumes coffee in any form, as a beverage, cold or hot, and even in savory recipes and desserts. His favorite caffeinated beverage is espresso.

The online coffee dictionary provides one of the most complete glossary of coffee terms. Mr. Bodnariuc’s intent is to help coffee lovers understand the various technical coffee terms, and apply the knowledge to their home coffee brewing routine. “A coffee word won’t make your coffee better, said Mr. Bodnariuc when asked for a comment, but it will help you understand complex brewing guides and this important for that extra step towards coffee perfection.”

The online coffee dictionary defines approximately three hundred core words, which is still growing. The coffee lexicon is a work in progress and his intent is that every pertinent coffee term and word be entered into the coffee dictionary.

The first phase of the project was to define various coffee beverages, all of the important technical coffee terms, including equipment definitions, and brewing and extraction related terms. In the next phase, the dictionary will define coffee flavor terminology, and varietal and processing-related words, aiming to help the professionals and the advanced home baristas. The third phase of the ambitious project aims to list compile a comprehensive list with coffee personalities, and renowned coffee businesses, into an exclusive, unique directory.

Beyond the uniqueness of the project, and the fact that is a free resource, the terms are presented in a Wikipedia style, making the navigation very easy. The various related terms have hyperlinks to related dictionary terms that makes them easily accessible. A coffee lover could spend hours finding new words about coffee brewing.

The launch of the online coffee dictionary provides a valuable resource to coffee lovers around the world.

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