Online Chocolate Store Candy Bars Benefits Of Flavanols Report Released

A report on the benefits of consuming dark chocolate has been released by Please Send Chocolate. The chocolate experts offer a wide range of chocolates, bars, candies and baked goods in their online store.

Please Send Chocolate have released a new report on the benefits of eating dark chocolate. The online store is a one stop shop for a wide range of chocolate products including truffles, bars, candy and baked goods.

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Please Send Chocolate is an online retailer specialising in offering their customers the best chocolate products available. They have sourced the best products from chocolatiers from around the globe to ensure they meet their customers tastes and to offer them something new.

They stock a wide range of items such as luxurious truffles, boxed chocolates, candy, chocolate bars and baked goods. From beautiful gifts to childhood favourites there is something for everyone and products can be delivered straight to their door.

They have recently released an article on the benefits of eating dark chocolate and have listed their recommended dark chocolate bars. They explain that recent studies have shown that a small amount of dark chocolate every day can potentially help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, while boosting brain power.

These benefits are due to flavanols, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in the cocoa of dark chocolate. The European Food Safety Authority have concluded that cocoa flavanols can maintain elasticity of blood vessels and Harvard Medical School Health have said that clinical trials have suggested that they can reduce plaque adhesions, blood pressure and inflammation related to heart disease.

Consumers should choose high quality dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao content and with less than 12g of sugar. Eating 1oz of this dark chocolate should help to reap the health benefits.

Please Send Chocolate have taste tested the best quality dark chocolates that meet these criteria and have ranked them according to taste and mouth feel. The top three were Lindt Excellence Bar, Very Dark by Equal Exchange Chocolates and Dark 70% by Green & Blacks.

Those wishing to find out more about Please Send Chocolate’s online store can visit their website in the link provided above.

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