Online Behavior Therapy In Chinese – Kids Learning Disability Programs Launched

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Nonprofit curaFUN has introduced a series of online behavior therapy courses, so Chinese-speaking children with learning differences can study in the comfort of their own homes.

The organization’s new StrengthBuilder programs support both exceptional students and those with learning differences by providing accessible, interactive games that promote social and emotional growth.

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By launching these multidisciplinary programs, the online educator can help Chinese-speaking children overcome learning challenges and build social skills. Children work from home at their own pace, and are guided by a team of experts, including a child psychologist, a speech therapist, a performance coach, a behavior therapist and a school counselor.

curaFUN found that learning disabilities such as autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD are just as common among Chinese children as they are among others, but the conditions often go untreated. Teachers at most schools in Greater China, Taiwan, and Singapore cannot handle learning differences, so these at-home behavioral therapies are an affordable way for parents to supplement their child’s traditional education.

The organization offers a personalized, medication-free approach to learning that is based on widely accepted cognitive psychology and behavior therapy principles. Children learn lessons about cooperation, communication, self-discipline, confidence, empathy, and resilience by playing educational games. The virtual environments mimic common real-life obstacles, but children are able to practice their social responses without adverse consequences or embarrassment.

Each child undergoes an initial assessment, and his or her experience in the program is customized to target the areas the student needs the most help with. In addition to the games themselves, StrengthBuilder courses feature a daily mood checker, gratitude journal, breathing meditations, and positive thinking tools. Parents are given detailed reports throughout the program to track their child’s progress.

Courses are available in English or Mandarin Chinese, and parents can sign their children up for a year-long, 6-month, or monthly subscription. The Zoo Academy StrengthBuilder course is intended for children 4.5-7 years old, and the Zoo-U StrengthBuilder course suits children aged 7-11.

curaFUN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing a child’s emotional well-being so he or she can thrive in school, and in life. It helps children in Asian communities overcome learning differences and become more confident human beings.

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