Online Animation Video Maker SMB & Corporate Video Production Platform Launched

Video production services company Easy Video Adverts has launched its online animation video maker, with customizable sales video maker templates and automated whiteboard video production capabilities for personal and corporate video production.

Video production services company Easy Video Adverts announced the launch of its online animation video maker. The product is a cost-effective alternative to expensive professional video production services for small & midsize businesses.

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Industry reports continue to remain optimistic about digital advertising, with advertisers expected to spend about £15 billion on digital ad formats, an 11 per cent increase over last year.

Worldwide, the cost of creating a video advertisement can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Professional video production services routinely charge thousands of pounds to produce 30-second, 60-second, and 2-minute video ads. This pricing structure makes video advertising inaccessible to local SMBs.

The newly launched Easy Video Adverts makes high-quality video advertising accessible to any brand or business. The company’s new animation video maker features promo video templates and whiteboard animation solutions for any industry niche using Adobe After Effects video technology by some of the best animators in the world. The product can also produce video ads for mobile and handheld devices.

Affordability and quality are key considerations, enabling businesses to produce high-quality video ads that can compete with videos created by professional video production services. Users may create a free, watermarked low-resolution preview video before rendering a full HD version for commercial use.

The promo video maker and animated videos for business can be customized for use on websites, landing pages, and social media. The video maker service does not require users to possess any prior video editing or production skills and is suitable for new users.

The software uses professional corporate video production templates and an automated whiteboard video production process. The suite can also produce bespoke explainer videos, corporate product or service videos, animated marketing videos and 3D animated logos with the animated logo maker.

According to a spokesperson for their online video production services, “We are excited to release our new animation video maker to make corporate video production accessible to local SMB’s and individuals. We can now produce professional video ads and promo videos at a fraction of an advertising agency’s price and in under an hour.”

Easy Video Adverts is an online video production services company available worldwide in many languages, and is priced in US dollars. For more information, visit the URL above.

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