Online Accounting Software For UK Contractors & Freelancers Released

A UK accountant just released a new online accounting software and is providing it to clients with a free 7 inch tablet to make it as simple as possible for contractors, entrepreneurs and freelancers to fulfil their bookkeeping and accounting needs online.

A UK accountant based in Portsmouth, just released a new update to its online accounting software and is offering a free 7 inch tablet to all of its new clients to make it as simple as possible for contractors, entrepreneurs freelancers and small businesses to fulfill their bookkeeping and accounting needs online wherever they are.

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Finding a simple and easy way to handle accounting is a major challenge for small business owners like contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs because they’re already busy running their businesses and the accounting is only adding up to their duties and distracting them from their core business.

Many are now turning to online cloud solutions that allow quick, safe and convenient data entry that is then validated by a professional accountant who ensures that all information is sound.

One barrier to entry of this online accounting in the past had been the cost of the software solutions to deliver the service. Boox accounting has solved this problem by supplying it’s new premium online accounting software packages along with personal accounting support for nominal monthly fees. It is no longer only an accounting software but it comes with a dedicated accountant.

Through Boox businesses can now get access to the finest software in the UK and get a free 7 inch tablet to run the software for as little as 50 pounds a month. This fee also includes access to Boox’s 40 fully qualified accountants.

People with little time, knowledge or appetite for accounting are finding Boox’s online accounting service a real time saver with fast, intuitive, easy to use applications designed to make it as simple as possible to enter the required data and keep up with HMRC requirements.

The online service can be accessed from any online computer or device and takes the hard work and headaches out of accounting for contractors, freelancers, locums and small businesses.

This new online software eliminates the need for old fashioned accounting spreadsheets, allows business owners to spend more time with their families or running their business and the added benefit is that it can be run from anywhere using a Tablet, PC or mobile.

Release ID: 90518