OneShot Chrome Extension Improves Hyper-Personalized LinkedIn Connections

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OneShot Talk About Their Chrome Extension and how it Improves Hyper-Personalized LinkedIn Connections For Marketing and Businesses

Earlier today, OneShot released more information about its Chrome extension, which has been especially developed to help people instantly curate hyper-personalized connection requests to prospective customers.

Many LinkedIn users waste valuable messaging opportunities by connecting through a generic automation and/or email template. With hyper-personalized prospecting, sales reps can unleash one-to-one personalization across multiple channels, from LinkedIn to emails to cold calling. OneShot users can also instantly generate AI sales-ready messaging to serve across multiple platforms.

How does it work? Well, In the same way that a human would work, OneShot’s Artificial Intelligence technology reads through users and all of their prospects’ personal and company profiles on the LinkedIn platform, in order to capture any interesting data points discovered and any shared relevancy that can be distinguished between the two. The company makes use of Open AI’s GPT3 in order to provide enriched and natural language messaging suggestions—all of which can be done with the click of a button.

OneShot has a multitude of benefits, such as instant suggestions for any persona. It also allows for any information source to be used to create explosively engaging touchpoints without the fluff. And best of all, it is multichannel, which allows users to redefine the way they connect with their prospects at every single touchpoint.

Using Outreach or Salesloft allows for real personalisation and enables users to swap out the tiring {first name} and {company name} shortcodes in a lightning fast way. Absolutely anything can be turned into an explosive sales message, allowing busy sales reps to spend their time on other things.

To find out how OneShot can aid in cutting above the rest of the noise and truly defying the old (ignored) cold email sequences, give its fast and free Chrome extension a try. See the following URL for more information:

Release ID: 89063323