One Person’s Bike Cell Phone Holder can Be Lifeline to Others

The Hand Drive, invented by 17-year-old Massachusetts student, makes life easier for many wheelchair users, and is made with off-the-shelf bicycle parts and accessories. This invention spurred the distributor of bike cell phone holders to think differently about his product.

When a seventeen-year-old high school student from Cambridge, Massachusetts introduced a new concept in hand-powered wheelchairs – made using standard bicycle parts – a local businessman realized the potential for bicycle accessories to be more than bike toys. A bike cell phone holder, for example, can easily be fitted to a wheelchair to hold a tablet or device loaded with an app to control the wheelchair – or environmental factors like lighting, temperature and telephone.

The Hand Drive, the invention that sparked the brainstorm, looks like a lever attached to the wheel of a manual wheelchair. The device allows the user to move the wheelchair using a rowing-pull motion rather than the typical push motion required by standard wheelchair design. One line in particular stood out to the local distributor.

“There was a line in the post I read about how this device did something the writer had never really thought about,” said the business owner. “It kept the user’s hands cleaner. It made me realize how important it is to see things from the user’s perspective when designing things.”

It also made him take a second look at one of the products he distributes, My Ride Gripper, a universal cell phone holder designed to fit bicycle handlebars. The bike cell phone holder is designed to fit nearly any modern smartphone, including all models of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and most Android Droid phones. It will also fit nearly any configuration of bicycle handlebars, but it will also fit most bars on a standard wheelchair frame.

“That means that it can be set up to place a cell phone, smart phone or many tablet devices at exactly the position where a wheelchair user can most easily reach it and use it,” he said. “The rugged design provides wraparound padding to protect the device if it bumps against walls or doorways, and the snug grip holds the cell phone securely.”

This last part can be vital if, for example, the cell phone displays an app that allows the user to control environmental factors, like temperature, lighting and security locks, or if it provides emergency communication services. My Ride Gripper ensures that the device is always within reach.

“Today’s cell phone apps can combine with smart home technology, providing everything from thermostat control to TV and cable remote controls. My Ride Gripper puts all of those controls within easy reach for the wheelchair user, and ensures that they stay within reach, while protecting the device from typical bump and fall hazards.”

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