One Funnel Away Challenge To Build And Promote Online Businesses Launched

A new one funnel away challenge has been launched to teach people practical, insightful, and actionable tips for building and promoting an online business or funnel to generate an income.

Little Biz Resources, an online platform that provides content and educational guides on affiliate marketing and eCommerce, has announced a new one funnel away challenge. People who partake in the challenge will learn practical, insightful, and actionable tips for building and promoting an online business.

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The newly launched one funnel away challenge helps people to build, expand, market, and develop their online businesses to help them grow and generate more money. The challenge takes place over a limited period as the organizer, Russell Brunson, believes people spend most of their time educating themselves instead of acting.

A focus of the challenge is implementation, which is a form of action. While education and concepts are important, the knowledge gained is only beneficial if it is then applied to a practical situation. The timing of the challenge launch is reflective of the fact many businesses are turning to online channels and platforms in a bid to reach more customers.

It is ideally suited to people who want to grow an online business, but have no idea where to start, companies that have been successful previously, but are now stagnant, and individuals or companies who want to reach more people for sales or impact, or both.

Additionally, people who want to build a funnel but are not quite sure how to or those launching their next funnel will benefit from this challenge. It is more like a workshop in its style and enables people to develop useful business tools, whether they are an independent business owner, freelancer, or affiliate marketer.

A representative said: “During this 30-day challenge, you could walk away with a new business – probably the most profitable yet. If you are ready to learn and put that knowledge into action, sign up for the challenge now!”

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