One dodgy click is enough: Northampton firms “leave doors open” to cyber attacks

Far too many local business owners have no idea just how big, fast and aggressive cyber crime is in the Northampton area. No company is too small to be the next victim.

Peter Ravi of local firm Proactive It Support Ltd says barely a day goes by without his team helping a business that’s been hacked.

“Far too many local business owners have no idea just how big, fast and aggressive cyber crime is,” he said.

“Every week we help local companies recover from some form of attack and data loss. However data that has been encrypted is very hard to recover if at all.”

“To use a real world analogy, they are leaving their home’s front doors wide open while hundreds of burglars walk past.”

“It really does take just one click on a dodgy link to leave an entire business’s IT setup open to hackers. Increasingly, the hackers prefer to do no immediate damage. And instead wait for an opportunity to cause maximum damage, or steal thousands.”

With Windows 7 now coming to end of life this year, the cyber criminals are just waiting for the ticking time bomb to explode on PCs still running the out of date operating system.

A recent cyber readiness report by Hiscox insurance revealed:

· The proportion of small companies (50 employees or less) reporting a cyber attack is up from 33% to 47%

· The average loss is £283,000

· Nearly three quarters of businesses are considered unprepared for a cyber attack

“Often the weak link in the first line of defence are unwary and untrained staff, who introduce malicious software into the office network through a seemingly innocent link.”

Peter added: “The only way to be prepared for a cyber attack is to Predict – Plan – Protect.”

“This is a systemised way for a cyber security expert to assess a business’s vulnerability, and dramatically minimise the chance of an attack succeeding,”

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