On-Demand Cannabis B2B Sales Training Virtual/Onsite Coaching Service Launched

The Sales Joint has launched a professional coaching service designed to help new or existing individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry improve their B2B sales and optimize operations.

The Sales Joint has launched coaching services on professional B2B sales, marketing, and operational practices for US-based individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry. The sales training program for cannabis cultivators is designed to improve sales to dispensaries and strengthen the legal cannabis ecosystem across the United States.

More information is available at https://www.thesalesjoint.com/coaching

The professional sales coaching services launched by The Sales Joint are targeted at participants of various areas within the cannabis supply chain who are interested in overcoming stagnant revenue growth.

The service is designed to work with cannabis cultivators, processors, distributors, and independent salespeople towards improving and expanding their engagement volumes with retail stores and other dispensaries. This applies to individuals or businesses that are either new entrants to the cannabis value chain or experienced participants who are looking to rejuvenate their businesses.

The Sales Joint works with prospective clients to create a training strategy tailored to their specific needs and expected results. Individuals and businesses undergoing the training session can expect to have sessions customized to cover marketing tips, sales processes, and strategies for engaging dispensaries to ensure repeat sales.

The Sales Joint utilizes a training methodology based on proven sales techniques and marketing strategies within and outside the cannabis industry. Coaching sessions utilize training materials such as sales scripts and role-playing. Topics covered include sales call best practices, social media engagement, standard operating procedures, customer relationship management tools, and others. Training can be for managers so they can best prepare their team for success or with the individuals and teams that sell directly.

Training options are available for remote or in-person sessions that can be undertaken on an individual basis or with a sales team. The Sales Joint’s coaching sessions have also been compartmentalized into progressive 30-minute sessions, which allows flexibility in payment, schedule, and knowledge assimilation.

A spokesperson said “The Sales Joint was born when we figured out how to convert the relationships we have between clients and dispensaries into a product. With our help, the clients have been able to add new repeat customers, expand their brand’s reach, and build a social following. We consistently raise the bar on professional sales in cannabis and reduce wasted time, energy, and resources on all fronts.”

Interested parties can access further details on coaching and other services from The Sales Joint by visiting their website here: https://www.thesalesjoint.com/coaching

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