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Simi Valley CA specialist cleaning equipment manufacturer Omegasonics has recently updated a range of ultrasonic sanitation machines for removing residue from equipment in the cannabis industry.

Omegasonics, a specialist sanitation equipment manufacturer in Simi Valley CA, have launched their new range of ultrasonic cleaning systems, specifically designed for businesses in the cannabis industry.

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The newly launched ultrasonic cleaners use cavitation to remove waxy cannabis residue from metal gear teeth, injectors, inlets, and glass beakers more effectively than traditional hand cleaning methods. Cavitation involves using a vacuum to pull residue from the cutting tools used to extract oils from plants in the cannabis industry.

With Omegasonics’ new washing machines, industrial cannabis processing can be made more efficient and cost effective, using cutting edge technology to remove waxy deposits from equipment and increasing the overall yield, while shortening the extraction time. Additionally, ultrasonic cleaning methods are a more powerful alternative to solvent based sanitation systems.

The new range is ideal for people in the cannabis industry looking for American-made, industrial scale cleaning equipment designed to save time and produce a greater yield. Omegasonics’ premium cannabis cleaning systems are designed to be user friendly and not require specialist training for effective use.

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The newly updated range includes the 7950TT Ultrasonic Cleaner, a stainless steel, self-contained sanitation unit with a 7 and 3/4 gallon capacity. Alternatively, they offer the 14 gallon 1420BTD Ultrasonic model, designed for heightened control compared to typical bench top cleaners, with digital temperature gauges and timers to ensure the most effective cavitation process.

For larger cannabis production companies, Omegasonics offer the 5038i Ultrasonic Cleaner which has a 41 gallon capacity and custom ultrasonic controls. The recently released cleaners use ultrasound technology to clean the diodes, electrodes, chromatography prints, metal injectors, and inlets used in CBD and THC extraction, quickly dissolving contaminants in glass beakers and metal instruments.

Moreover, these ultrasonic cleaning methods have been used to produce a purer CBD product. Founded in 1996, Omegasonics now offer numerous customized cleaning systems and machines to over twenty business sectors, including the cannabis industry. They were the first cleaning equipment manufacturer to use portable casters on 20 gallon machines to ensure easy use and equipment transportation.

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