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The Neuro Therapy Network has launched remote therapy treatment for patients in the Omaha and Lincoln region of Nebraska to help ease pain due to injury, surgical recovery or other conditions.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the stress it has placed on hospitals in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, the Neuro Therapy Network has launched remote therapy rehabilitation for patients in this region being treated for pain from injury, surgical recovery or other conditions.

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With healthcare systems overwhelmed by current or impending COVID-19 cases, non-essential care is being deferred. Surgeons have been forced to delay surgeries, including those related to reducing pain and discomfort in patients suffering from a variety of ailments.

COVID-19 is affecting people’s health not just by way of the virus itself, but by impeding care and pain relief to those who need it.

To help pain sufferers in these uncommon times, the Neuro Therapy Network has enhanced its remote solutions, thereby easing the burden on doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Neurotherapy – a non-invasive, essentially painless procedure – was carefully designed to address the neurological origin of a problem, not just the symptoms. This type of therapy retrains brain waves to communicate more effectively with the nervous system and modifies the brain’s ability to process, perceive and remember pain: all without pharmacological treatment.

Remote therapy is in fact not new to the Neuro Therapy Network, which pioneered tele-rehabilitation more than 20 years ago and boasts an impressive success rate in this regard.

Building upon its remote therapy abilities and in light of the current Coronavirus crisis, the Neuro Therapy Network now supplies equipment for patients to use at home, complemented by online consultation with a therapist.

This service comes at no cost to the patient, as it is covered by most commercial insurance companies.

Denis Thompson, CEO and founder of ARPwave and creator of the Neuro Therapy Network, can cite thousands of successful patient outcomes in which neurotherapy eliminated pain and improved range of motion. In addition, many of the world’s most elite amateur and professional athletes are clients.

Thompson is reaching out to the general public and medical providers in the greater Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, area with this potential solution for non-essential patient care.

Contact the Neuro Therapy Network at (local 402-490-6265) or 952-431-9708 or at the website listed above.

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