Omaha NE Garage Door Emergency Repair Contactless Payment Systems Launched

Grab Customers recently launched a contactless payment system to benefit emergency door repair businesses in Omaha Nebraska by offering new and improved payment options.

Grab Customers, an online company, has launched a new contactless payment system to benefit emergency door repair business owners in Omaha, Nebraska.

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The launch comes in response to consumer demand for convenient and safe payment options.

Emergency door repair businesses too often receive calls to dispatch only to arrive and find that their help is no longer needed. This scenario wastes valuable time, energy and dispatch costs. Grab Customers aims to prevent these losses with their new contactless payment system.

The system provides multiple convenient options to collect a deposit at the time of mobile booking with the ability to collect full payment immediately upon completion of the service. Allowing a business to take payment before dispatching a repair team saves time and money, especially in the case of 24 hour emergency door repair businesses.

Upgrading a business to a digital payment system is beneficial for several reasons: it’s easy to send and receive payment on any mobile device, it can be tied to a website, emails, and social media, it can work on top of an existing merchant processor, and it allows potential customers to pay remotely, in advance and quickly.

There are multiple convenient options to collect payment: SMS messaging with a custom link to pay, a QR code on an invoice, a check, a hyperlink via email or on a website.

Businesses receive an email notification with each transaction. They are able to log into their dashboard to view numerous real-time reports. Transactions are all recorded in real-time. After customer transactions are completed, business owners receive payments within two business days, The payments are deposited directly into the owner’s bank account.

Grab Customers’ staff is available to provide business solutions and insight in implementing contactless payment systems.

Interested parties can schedule a complimentary live demo by visiting the above mentioned website.

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