Omaha LED CCFL Backlight Replacement POS Auto Panel Repair Services Launched

Omaha LED and CCFL experts Plazmo launched updated LCD panel repair and backlight assembly replacement for clients in the automotive, avionics, vending, healthcare and other industries.

Plazmo, an Omaha company specializing in LED and CCFL solutions for all types of LCD applications, announced an updated range of services for clients looking for LCD panel repair and LED backlight replacement. The company stocks a wide range of backlights and can also manufacture custom assemblies for clients in different industries, including automotive, retail, vending and ticketing, avionics and many others.

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LCD panels are used extensively for a variety of applications, from automobile infotainment systems to vending machines, POS, medical equipment and many others. Working with an expert LED and CCFL expert is essential to ensure prompt panel repair or backlight replacement.

Plazmo has more than fifteen years of experience providing complete solutions for clients looking for premium CCFL lamps, touch panels, LED backlights and other products and services.

The company has announced an update of its services according to the latest developments in LCD and LED technology.

Clients can contact Plazmo for LCD panel repair and backlight replacement. The company stocks a wide range of CCFL and LED backlights compatible with more than 200,000 models of LCD screens.

As well as providing an extensive range of stock backlights, the company is able to manufacture custom replacements for any type of OEM backlight assemblies. CCFL to LED conversions are also available.

The Omaha company has extensive experience providing professional solutions for clients in industries such as vending and ticketing, avionics, automotive, marine, fitness, healthcare and many others.

For maximum convenience, the company offers mail-in repair services for a wide range of backlight assemblies.

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide cutting-edge LED and CCFL services for clients in Omaha and nationwide.

A satisfied client said: “The engineering team at Plazmo quickly developed a universal replacement solution for our wide network of ticket vending machines. My boss is still amazed by the cost savings.”

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