Omaha Drug Lawyer Concludes That Drug Possession Charges Are For Police Optics

There has been an increase in drug charges stemming back to possession with intent. As these charges are serious & can lead to large news stories, they are a priority for police. Omaha Drug Lawyer Dan Stockmann discusses why these charges may be wrong.

In recent weeks, there has been an increase in the number of people charged with possession with intent. This is due to many factors, including the fact that police are getting smarter at identifying suspicious vehicles, using technology to catch traffickers, and getting other people charged with drug trafficking to help them.

However, citizens who may not be buying drugs for distribution are getting caught up in these charges as well. As some of the surrounding states have become more lenient with their drug laws, people who aren’t intending to sell those drugs may go across state lines and get a larger amount of drugs. These larger amounts can lead to possession with intent charges. Omaha drug lawyer Daniel Stockmann explains: “Simply having a large amount of drugs on one’s person is enough to arouse suspicions. Pair that with large amounts of cash that people use to purchase these drugs, and that is enough evidence for a charge.”

Drug traffickers are getting smarter and employing new techniques to get drugs into Nebraska. “They are transporting smaller amounts in normal cars that aren’t as likely to get stopped or searched,” Stockmann says. Still, this is a nationwide problem and the surrounding states may crackdown on transportation around the border. “The crackdowns will probably continue on the borders of the state, which is where most of the resources will go.”

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