Omaha Criminal Defense Attorney Surprises Weed Bust Clients By Paying Their Bail

Top Omaha criminal defense attorney Dan Stockmann posts bail for his clients and enables them to return home while he wins their battles in court. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Stockmann, go to or call 855-980-6960.

Omaha criminal defense attorney Daniel Stockmann is known for his exemplary track record in court. He is routinely called upon by people who have been picked up on Nebraska’s I-80 while in possession of marijuana and uses tailored defense strategies for each case to give his clients an edge. While many people are aware of his continuous victories, few realize how far he goes to help his clients return to their normal lives. He is personally known for visiting the jail and bailing out his own clients.

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The majority of the experienced Omaha criminal defense attorney’s clients come from other states, which poses unique issues. Their vehicles are impounded and they’re jailed, but they’re far away from home and have nobody locally who can help them. Without a local advocate, they either have to remain in jail or have family drive to bail them out, often traveling across the country. This adds considerably to the time and cost incurred by the incident, plus it increases stress and strain between family members. Mr. Stockmann notes striking similarities between the cases he sees.

“We’re talking Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Georgia,” noted Stockmann during a recent interview, “Basically, every state accessible by I-80 and every client that has been profiled by the Nebraska law enforcement simply by their license plates.”

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Many of the drug lawyer’s cases are fought based on the grounds that the traffic stop or search was illegally conducted, simply based on the fact that the individual had out-of-state plates. Once he proves that the stop was illegal, any evidence collected is generally deemed inadmissible in court, and his clients go free. One of Stockmann’s recent cases was dismissed prior to a hearing ever being conducted on the motion of suppressing the stop and search of a Minnesota man’s vehicle, during which they found four ounces of marijuana.

In another case, he was able to negotiate a lesser sentence instead. “Whether it is someone traveling with medicinal marijuana to control their disease or they have a marketable amount on their person, the case can and will be negotiated,” adds Mr. Stockmann. Instead of going to prison for 20 years for being picked up with seven pounds in a marijuana bust, a client from Iowa was charged only with a misdemeanor and served no time.

Outcomes like this are common, but the seasoned Omaha criminal defense attorney takes equal pride in relieving his clients of their other burdens. When his clients realize that he’s truly there for them and that he’s bailing them out and they’re going home to their families “You can see the relief wash over their faces,” he says.

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Daniel Stockmann of Stockmann Law is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has honed in his practice on drug cases, particularly marijuana cases on I-80 and other Nebraska roadways. He has served the area for nearly two decades and has a stellar record as a top drug lawyer. For more information on Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense, contact Stockmann Law Offices at (855) 980-6960 or visit today.

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