Omaha Car Accident Lawyer Raises Alarm Over Trucking Drive Time Rules Revisions

As a push to change restrictions on drive times for truck drivers continues to move forward, Omaha car accident lawyer Matthew Miller discusses the possible repercussions.

Car accident lawyers and Omaha truck accident victims are pushing back against the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) proposal to weaken the hours of service (HOS) rules, which dictate how long truck drivers can be on the road without taking a rest. According to the FMCSA, they wish to provide greater flexibility for truck drivers without impacting safety. In order to move forward with these revisions, the agency has to provide concrete evidence that these changes will not lead to more problems for truck drivers and others on the road. However, those who are victims of car accidents with semi trucks fear that this proposal will make the roads a much more dangerous place.

“I’ve seen these accidents and many of them are caused by drivers who fake their drive times, push themselves past the point of exhaustion, and just don’t obey the rules” car accident lawyer Matthew G. Miller at Matthew G. Miller, PC, LLO warns. “It isn’t always their fault. They are under pressure from their workplaces to get from one place to another in a certain amount of time – times that don’t allow for equipment malfunctioning, traffic, or detouring. Still, drive time rules ought to stay in place.” Click here to learn more about Omaha car accidents:

The FMCSA agency wants to lengthen the maximum period of time drivers may be on-duty from 12 to 14 hours and extend the distance limit from 100 air miles to 150 air miles. They also hope to alter regulations regarding sleep time and break time.

“These truck drivers are people just trying to make a living,” Miller continues, “They are falling victim to the agencies that were put in place to protect them. In turn, the rest of us who share the road with them are being exposed to greater levels of danger. The goal of any reforms should be safety, not for allowing for more man hours.”

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