Olympia Lacey Tumwater WA Dog Walking & Pet Park Trail Hiking Services Launched

South Hound: A pet services company in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and surrounding Thurston County recently announced a new dog walking & trail hiking service for pet owners. Services include a dog transportation taxi service to local off-leash parks

An Olympia and Lacey WA-based pet services company called South Hound announced a unique, convenient, and guaranteed way to keep dogs happy and healthy while their owners are busy at work.

The founders of South Hound know how frequently dog owners tend to worry about their pets during the day – often wondering if their loved ones are experiencing boredom, anxiety, and stress waiting for the moment their mom or dad comes walking back through the door.

Having formerly owned and operated one of the largest pet services companies of its kind in Bellingham WA, the owners of South Hound are now bringing their most popular midday service to fellow pet parents in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and the surrounding areas of Thurston County.

To learn more, please visit their website here: https://www.thesouthhound.com

They said the goal of the service is “to ensure dogs not only get the exercise they need, but also have a great time doing it as well.” They continued, “with so many problem behaviors stemming from boredom such as property destruction and incessant barking, getting pets out and running around with their friends is imperative for long term happiness and health.”

With the economy starting to return back to normal and work schedules keeping most pet owners busy, the importance of daytime activity may not be a reality for many pups. That’s where South Hound looks to make the difference with their unique and beneficial “Bark and Ride Off-Leash Adventure Outings.”

Interested parties can learn more about South Hound through their Google Page here: https://g.page/southhound

After a free “meet and greet” (where owners and their dogs are given a chance to meet their “pack leader,” learn more about their behavior and confirm that their pup will be a great fit), that’s when the real fun begins. Owners simply provide a spare key (if needed), and South Hound will come pick up their dog from their preferred location (home, work, hotel, etc) as well as a small group of other temperament-assessed pups and chauffeur all of them to a beautiful, wooded, privately-owned property in the farmlands of Olympia.

Here, under the supervision of their team, a small group of dogs are given the freedom to run, socialize, play, and investigate the natural surroundings off-leash in a healthy, safe, and but highly stimulating environment. After 2+ hours of exploration and socialization, the dogs are rinsed off, towel dried, and loaded back into their shuttle to be dropped back off at home – both happy to be home and ready for a nap.

Interested parties can learn more here: https://www.thesouthhound.com

With over 15 years experience working with dogs using only positive reinforcement training techniques and an education in Veterinary Assisting, Haley says that good manners will be worked on and supported while pups are at play. “It really goes beyond just running,” Haley continues. “These types of outings in a natural environment provide dogs with not just physical activity, but mental enrichment as well. New sights, smells, and adventures are important for brain health, and doing so while learning good play manners with other dogs helps to build confidence, lower anxiety, and often reduces many other problem behaviors that pet owners experience. The outdoors works wonders.”

South Hound picks up dogs for their off-leash adventure outings 5 days a week, rain or shine. The company offers multi-dog discounts, and sends owners a daily “report card” with a photo of their pup after each trip, saying “both owners and their dogs deserve a smile by the end of the day.”

To learn more about how to enroll your dog with South Hound, visit their website here: https://www.thesouthhound.com


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