Old Whatcom Humane Society Building Will Be New Dog Daycare & Boarding Facility

A new dog daycare and kennel-free boarding facility will be opening at the Whatcom Humane Society's previous location by the Bellingham airport. The Puget Hound will be renovating the building and expanding the yard to create an "adventure park" for dogs to play in.

It looks like the rumors are true. Bellingham will have a new doggie daycare and pet boarding facility located at the old Whatcom Humane Society site by the airport. The building has been abandoned and overgrown for years ever since the Humane Society moved to their new location off of Hannegan Road, but a local pet care company called The Puget Hound has taken up the responsibility of restoring and renovating the site to create an “adventure park” for dogs and a “kennel-free” boarding facility.

The original design of the building was similar to a traditional kennel with individual dog runs, but The Puget Hound plans on removing many of the enclosures and transforming the layout into a much warmer and more cheerful space for dogs to play together in. They plan to offer both dog daycare and overnight boarding “staycare” services in addition to private suites for dogs who don’t get along well with others. The kennel-free concept will provide constant human supervision and a more pleasant experience for dogs who enjoy more interaction and social stimulation from both playmates and their caretakers. And the “adventure park” will consist of approximately 20,000 square feet of yard space filled with agility and playground equipment for the dogs to enjoy.

The company recently released a humorous trailer to announce the upcoming opening:


The Puget Hound also plans to eventually offer additional pet boarding for other small animals (cats, birds, rabbits, lizards, etc), as well as pet supplies, and possibly even grooming and training services in the near future.

Many of The Puget Hound’s existing clients were very excited to hear about the new location. Alicia H. said, “We can’t wait for them to open! Bellingham has needed a service like this for years. I always feel so bad for my dogs when we have to leave town. I feel like they think they’re being abandoned when we would drop them off at traditional kennels in the past. But The Puget Hound has always gone above and beyond to take care of my pups, and this new location will be a very welcome addition. Plus, it’s right by the airport!”

The company is hoping to complete renovations by late July or early August, and open their doors shortly after. To learn more or join the VIP wait list, visit their website at: http://gopugethound.com

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