Old Testament Stories Brought To Life in The Covenant Series by Cayo Films

Cayo Films announced the launch of a Reg CF raise to fund The Covenant, a multi-season TV series depicting Old Testament stories. Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh and written by Andrew Klavan, each episode will use biblical and historical texts.

Cayo Films announced the launch of a Reg CF raise to fund The Covenant, a multi-season TV series depicting Old Testament stories. Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Young Messiah, The Stoning of Soraya M) and written by Andrew Klavan (Edgar Award Winner, The Daily Wire), each episode will use biblical and historical texts to show the lived experiences of characters including Daniel, Esther, Abraham and Ruth.

Through honest depictions, The Covenant will show God’s connection to people in ancient times, and His connection to us today. The offering will also fund 2-3 other film projects, including Sarah’s Oil, a feature-length film about an African American girl who discovers oil on a barren plot of land.

“The stories of the Old Testament are beloved by millions,” said Ron Daw, co-founder and CEO of Cayo Films. “They are foundational to the faith of billions and the heart of our Judeo-Christian culture, yet they are being lost, forgotten and misunderstood. By bringing to life the stories of saints and sinners, patriarchs and prophets, conquerors and kings, we want people around the world to enjoy honest, engaging depictions about the shared experiences and culture of the entire human family.”

Unlike other depictions of the Old Testament, The Covenant will be rooted in the biblical and historical text to honor the stories and characters without changing their nature or the meaning of their experiences. We will represent the stories within their ancient contexts, not through the views of any specific religious tradition. By doing so, it will allow every viewer to connect with the stories they know and love.”

“In the Old Testament, The Covenant stories highlight the relationship between God and his people,” said John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and biblical scholar advising on the project. “The stories each illustrate this idea that God has chosen to be in relationship with people and dwell among them. He has made us His community—that’s the essence of The Covenant.”

In addition to Nowrasteh and Klavan, The Covenant will involve additional award-winning filmmakers, producers, and on-screen talent.

“These stories deserve the best talent and highest production value,” said Emanuel Nunez, board member and advisor of Cayo Films with more than 35 years of experience in talent and film finance, including representing Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Will Smith and more. We’re going to make something that represents the best of the industry.”

By creating The Covenant and other film projects through a Reg CF, Cayo Films is allowing Bible-lovers and others who feel a connection to the stories of the Old Testament to become part of bringing them to life for audiences around the world.

“The impact of this project will stretch far beyond a single season, religion, community, or country,” said Daw, who was previously the director of finance for The Chosen and instrumental to its season one crowdfunding success. “The Covenant is an opportunity to be an impact investor for a broken world and be part of a legacy and create an exponential impact, making scripture relatable to modern audiences.”

More information about Cayo Films, The Covenant, and complete details of the offering can be found at www.investincayo.tv.


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