Olbers & Olbers Goes For Amazon Delivery Of Its Scented Argan Oil To The US

Olbers & Olbers, with its uniquely scented brand of Argan Oil, and delivery via Amazon, expects to impact and stir up interest in this special organic product that appears to have gone quiet as of late.

Another coup by Amazon as this new company goes for FBA distribution

It came as no surprise that O&O decided to hook up with Amazon for delivery of its unique brand of Argan Oil to the States. This product originating, from Morocco, will be delivered to customers in the US via the delivery system most Americas are accustomed to.

Having just launched their Scented Argan Oil in the US, the use of Amazon’s FBA delivery system is a no-brainer. Amazon, having spent years at perfecting the home delivery system, now has it fully in place as they fine-tune this mode of getting physical products to the customer’s door. And it’s PAYBACK time. From receiving the goods from the manufacturers doorstep via the well known global delivery services such as FEDEX, UPS and TNT to the destination points and through the regulated entry ports to be checked and processed by customs before being released for internal distribution to the various Amazon depots scattered across the country for storage ready for the final journey to the end customer.

Naturally, most customers, fully accustomed to ordering with a “select and Click” have no reason to be weary of new products coming into the market, especially, given the “Guarantee” offered by Amazon in product quality and delivery. While all this will come at a premium to Olbers and Olbers, they would be rest-assured that it is money well invested allowing the focus to remain on improving the production and quality of their Argan brand from source in the mountains of Morocco to the local delivery ports.

This move by O&O, makes it a win-win-win-win for the Moroccan producers, O&O , Amazon and the end customer without having to re-invent the art of product delivery.

Argan Oil, also known as African Liquid Gold, in its own right, delivers tons of vitamin E, also contains antioxidants and other naturally produced minerals needed for the overall health of skin and hair and the softening and moisturising of the cuticles to encourage nail growth.

O&O’s Scented Argan Oil comes with AB/USDA certification and is not tested on animals.

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