OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net Updates Online Homeowners Insurance Quote Module

Over the past 11 years, this site has helped people who own property in Oklahoma compare insurance quotes for their home but the time it takes to answer questions has been slashed by 50% and ease of answering inquiries about their home has been enhanced.


(Oklahoma City, OK)—OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net a go-to resource for residents in Oklahoma who are in the market for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma, recently introduced an update to their online quote module. In an effort to make it quicker and more convenient for homeowners to get the accurate insurance quotes they seek, the site has taken steps to reduce the number of questions homeowners have to answer to obtain their quotes.

“While home insurance in Oklahoma is necessary for those who wish to protect what is likely one of their largest investments, the process of obtaining that insurance often inspires feelings of dread, especially among savvy homeowners who shop around for the best rate. As a website that does everything we can to make getting home insurance as painless as possible, we are proud to say that we’ve achieved that goal with the latest version of our quote module. Having to answer less questions means slashing the time it takes to get a quote by 50 percent, and that’s definitely a win for every homeowner who uses our site to search for insurance.”

In addition to cutting the amount of questions that residents shopping for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma City need to answer in order to obtain a quote, OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net’s newly-launched online quote tool is also easier for them to navigate. The site’s owners and developers hope that the changes they’ve made will make completing the form less confusing for homeowners as they give relevant answers to key questions.

Ward further commented, “Shopping around for home insurance doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Instead of making dozens of phone calls or getting caught up in answering what feels like a million questions, we encourage homeowners to visit OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net to make use of our new online quote tool. We’ve aimed to make it the quickest and best way to shop for insurance, and we know that homeowners will be thrilled when they see how truly easy it is.”

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