Oklahoma Drug Attorney Warns of Dangers of Pink & Need For Criminal Defense

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An Oklahoma drug attorney is issuing a public warning about the dangers of “Pink,” a newer synthetic drug that has made its way into Oklahoma recently. A public information officer for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirmed with reporters just a few days ago that the Oklahoma City metro area only recently gained the ability to test for this dangerous drug and has confirmed two people in the area have died while taking it.

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Known by it’s official name as “U-47700” and on the street as, “Pink” or “Pinky,” the drug is incredibly potent. It’s an opioid, which puts it in the same realm as OxyContin and heroin, but it’s 700-times more potent than heroin. It’s one of a growing number of synthetic drugs that have been slipping into the country, and without proper classification by the government, was legal. People in the United States could simply place an order online and have U-47700 shipped to their homes, while still being completely within the letter of the law.

However, U-47700 caught the attention of lawmakers when people started dying of overdoses across the country. In Utah, there have been two teenagers who have largely gone unnamed that have died due to the substance. In the public eye, it was one of the drugs in the musician Prince’s system when he died. Cases like this have popped up all over the country and local agencies have struggled to keep up with the influx. Being a new drug, many municipalities still lacked the ability to test for it. The DEA set its sights on making it an illegal Class I substance, and filed a notice of intent in September. This will make U-47700 illegal under any circumstances and could take effect any day now.

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“Information for U-47700 indicate that this substance has a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision,” the official documents say. These statements were made on September 9 and a 30-day notice was required before the drug could be officially classified as a Schedule I substance. The classification is considered temporary, in order to get it pushed through quickly, which means it will expire in two years. However, it’s expected that lawmakers will move to make U-47700 a permanent fixture on the list of Schedule I substances before the temporary order expires.

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