Oklahoma Drug Attorney Needed By 11 After Major Drug Bust

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A group of 11 will be seeking out an Oklahoma drug attorney, following one of the biggest drug ring busts the state has seen in a long time. Officials say that the network and amount of illegal drugs being transported was so massive that it will affect hundreds, if not thousands, of dealers in the metro area.

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The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has been working with local and federal authorities on the case for months, according to spokesman Mark Woodward. This time around, key evidence was gathered using wiretaps, which enabled law enforcement to gather data about the group and determine how many people were involved, as well as which role each person played. At this point, only six of those accused have been arrested.

“These are individuals were are very glad to get off the streets because these are people who are associated with individuals who can literally with one phone call dump more than a kilo of methamphetamine or more than a pound of heroin,” said Woodward. He explains that, in these amounts, the drugs are split up amongst hundreds of dealers, so removing the key parties in a ring like this has the ability to totally disrupt the flow of illegal narcotics into the area.

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Wire taps, although not widely used by law enforcement, are completely legal. However, officers must prove to a judge that they have probable cause to believe that a crime is being committed before a judge will authorize the use of one. Once the warrant is issued, law enforcement may listen in on calls, review text messages, and monitor the numbers of incoming and outgoing calls.

According to evidence released by the police, the group was obtaining the drugs in Mexico and bringing them into Oklahoma by car. One member of the ring, William Smith, was stopped in Midwest City, where a k-9 unit alerted to the presence of drugs in the vehicle. Officers discovered two kilos of meth hidden in the floorboards of the car.

At a federal level, charges like this come with mandatory minimum sentences. Anytime a person is convicted of trafficking more than 50 grams of meth, a 10-year minimum prison sentence goes into effect. The same rules apply to those convicted of conspiring to traffic this amount.

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