Oklahoma Drug Attorney Group Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

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An Oklahoma Drug attorney group that focuses on providing access to information on drug crimes and resources for those accused of them, is honoring Red Ribbon Week to help prevent drug use. The event begins October 23 and carries through until October 31, with an estimated 80 million Americans participating.

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Red Ribbon Week is sponsored by National Family Partnership (NFP), an agency that organizes a series of events and contests centered on keeping people drug-free. This year’s theme is “YOLO Be drug free.” The theme was a based on contest established by the agency, and was created by sixth-graders. A photo contest is also underway, prizing the winning school with $1,000 and an Apple iPad.

“During Red Ribbon Week, we celebrate drug-free lives and appreciate the commitment of families and educators to promote healthy choices,” said Chuck Rosenberg, DEA Administrator. The groups also provides information to parents, with the hopes of opening the paths of communication between parents and children. According to RedRibbon.org, only one-fourth of parents regularly talk to their kids about drugs, but this simple step makes children 42-percent less likely to use. Parents should also be on the lookout for behavioral changes in their kids and investigate when things don’t seem right.

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The roots of Red Ribbon Week also honor a fallen DEA agent named Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. As an 11-year veteran, Kiki was in the process of ending a major drug pipeline from Mexico to the United States in 1985. However, he was captured and killed before the ring came to an end. In remembrance, his high school friend and a congressman established “Camarena Clubs,” in which the members vowed to be drug-free for life. With the help of First Lady Nancy Reagan, Red Ribbon Week was officially established in 1988.

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